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A Note on Israel From an Uruguayan Journalist & Writer

Operation Unpunished Lead

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Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:39 am (PST)

Operation Unpunished Lead

Friday, January 16th. 2009.

Eduardo Galeano

[I found this on the Yahoo Energy Resources Group. English is perhaps even a little worse than mine, but you will catch his drift. I made a few corrections for readability.]

To excuse itself, the State terrorism manufactures terrorists: it
plants hatred and harvest alibis.

Everything indicates that the Gaza carnage, whose authors claim is to
finish with the terrorists, will multiply them. From 1948,
Palestinians live in perpetual humiliation. They can not even breath
without permit. They have lost their homeland, their lands, water;
their liberty, their everything. They do not have even the right to
elect their rulers. When they vote to whom they shouldn't, they are
punished. Gaza is being punished. It became a mousetrap without
exits, since Hamas clearly won the elections in 2006. Something
similar to what happened in 1932, when the Communist Party won the
elections in El Salvador. Salvadorians atoned for their misbehaviour
with a bloodshed and they were submitted to military dictatorships
ever since. The democracy is a luxury that not everybody deserves.
The hand made rockets are [the] sons of powerlessness that the Hamas
militants, cornered in Gaza, bad shot on the lands that have
previously been Palestinian and were usurped by Israel. And
desperation, in the banks of the suicide madness, is the mother of
all bravados denying the right to the existence of the Israeli State,
effectiveless shouts, whilst the very efficient extermination war is
denying, since many years, the right to the existence of Palestine.

Little Palestine is left. Step by step, Israel is erasing it from the
map. The settlers invade and after them, the soldiers go and mend the
borders. Bullets are sacralising the plundering, in legitimate
defence. Hitler invaded Poland to avoid Poland invading Germany. Bush
invaded Iraq to avoid Iraq invading the world. In each of its
defensive wars, Israel has swallowed a piece of Palestine and the
banquet continues. The devouring is justified by the Bible title
deeds given for the two thousand years of persecutions of the Jewish
people and for the panic created by Palestinians lying in wait.
Israel is the country that never complies with the UN recommendations
or resolutions; it never abides to the sentences of the international
juries; the one mocking the international laws and is also the only
country legalizing the torture of prisoners. Who gave them the right
to deny all the rights? Where does the impunity, with which Israel is
executing the Gaza carnage, comes from? The Spanish government
wouldn't have been able to bomb with impunity the Basque country to
end the ETA, nor the could the British government have harassed Ireland
to liquidate the IRA. Does the tragedy of Holocaust perhaps imply
an eternal impunity policy? Or is the green light flashing from the
bigshot power, having in Israel its most wholehearted vassal?
The Israeli army, the world most modern and sophisticated one, knows
who is killing. They are not killing by error, but by horror. The
civil victims are called "collateral damage" as per the dictionary
of other imperial wars. In Gaza, out of each collateral damage,
three are kids. And the mutilated are counted in thousands, victims
of a human chopping into pieces technology, that the military
industry is successfully testing in this ethnic cleansing operation.
And always the same, as usual: In Gaza one hundred to one. For each
one hundred Palestinians killed, one Israeli.

Dangerous people, they tell us in the other bombardment; that of the
manipulative massive media. That media inviting us to believe that
the 200 atomic bombs of Israel are humanitarian and that a nuclear
power called Iran was the responsible of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Does it exist the so called 'international community'?
Is it something else than a merchants, bankers and warrior's club? Is
it something else than the nick name used by the US when performing
in the theatre?

In front of the Gaza tragedy, the world hypocrisy shows off once
again. As usual, the indifference, the empty speeches and
declarations, the grandiloquent declaims, the ambiguous stands, pay
tribute to the sacred impunity.

In front of the Gaza tragedy, the Arab states wash their hands. As
always. And as always, the Western countries rub their hands.
The old Europe, so capable of both beauty and perversity, spills a
tear or two, while it celebrates in secret this master stroke. Because
the Jew's hunting was always an European tradition, but since half a
century, this historic debt is being charged to the Palestinians, who
are also Semites and never were anti-Semitic. They are paying, in
cash blood, somebody else's bill.

(This article is dedicated to my Jewish friends killed by the Latin
American dictatorships advised by Israel)


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