Saturday, January 24, 2009

Excellent Blog, Good Videos

In This Edition:

- Dissenting Justice Blog
- 3 interesting Videos

Dissenting Justice Blog

Darren Lenard Hutchinson
Washington, DC, United States
Education: B.A., University of Pennsylvania; J.D. Yale Law School. I am a Professor of Law at American University, Washington College of Law. I teach and write in the areas of Constitutional Law, Race Relations, Law and Politics, and Gay and Lesbian Rights. As you can probably ascertain from my research interests, I am definitely a progressive, but I take pride in having an open mind, provoking debate, and welcoming criticism. In fact, I started this blog because liberals were absolutely uncritical of Obama during the Democratic primaries and unrelentingly harsh and hypocritical towards the Clintons. I believed that it was my responsiblity to try and shake things up, to challenge orthodox thinking, regardless of the candidate I supported. If there's one thing I hate, it's a lack of debate and dissent. So, if you want honest and open political and legal discourse -- and breaking news and commentary from news media and other blogs -- then this is the blog for you. I look forward to your comments.

David Letterman, Tribute to Great Moments In Presidential Speeches

I Want Some TARP

Olbermann Urges Obama to Go After Bush Admin on Torture
Posted by Nicole Belle, Crooks and Liars at 6:52 AM on January 20, 2009.

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