Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Connecting the Dots on Climate Change

When you click on the link to the Connect the Dots Day, the description of the photo can be found just to the photo's upper left side.

A note from Bill McKibben at 350.org

From: "Bill McKibben - 350.org
Subject: Amazing images.
Date: May 6, 2012 9:20:06 AM PDT

Dear Friends,

This is a thank you note, a thank you note to the whole planet.

Except for the hours when I went out to the events nearest my home in Vermont, I’ve been by the computer, transfixed by the images streaming in.

From every corner of the earth people have been doing their best to Connect the Dots on climate change. And their best has been pretty amazing — we have photos from beneath the ocean waves and from high-altitude glaciers, from the middle of big cities fighting sea level rise and remote deserts battling drought.

Click here to see the amazing photos from the day: www.climatedots.org

We’re going to need you soon to fight the political battles that will make use of these images, but for the next day or two just relax, and enjoy the feeling of solidarity that comes from knowing there are millions of people thinking the same way, harboring the same fears and, more importantly, the same hopes.

On we go together.

With such gratitude,

Bill McKibben

P.S. There's still time to submit photos for our slideshow and compilation video -- just send your best photo as an email attachment to photos@350.org. Make your city and country the subject line of the email, and put your story and description in the body. So many thanks in advance!

For more information on climate change, see 350.org

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