Friday, February 3, 2012

Brian Cole Withdraws Motion to Set Aside Record of Arrest

I received a call from someone affected by the Brian Cole sex abuse and providing liquor to a minor case today. They told me that Brian Cole had withdrawn his Motion to Set Aside Record of Arrest that had been filed on October 17, 2011. The source thought it may have something to do with the scathing letters against granting the motion that the Court had received.

The letter to the Baker County Circuit Court is dated January 31, 2012, a day after my post of January 30, concerning the Motion to Set Aside Arrest. I obtained a copy of the letter from the Court and it simply states:

RE: State v. Brian David Cole
Case No. 09-725

To The Court:

This letter is to advise the Court that Brian Cole, defendant in the above-referenced case, hereby withdraws his Motion to Set Aside Record of Arrest in said case.

Very Truly Yours,


I will post the letter on later today.

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