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Occupy, Oregon Wolves, Perry's Tax Plan, Deficit Super-committee

Tonight, I'm just passing on some information that folks have sent to me, and some info I've come across--all well worth watching or reading. Thanks to those who forwarded the information.
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In This Edition:

- Occupy Wall Street Videos and reminders of why Occupy is important

- Oregon Wolf News--“OR-7” Makes it into the Cascades!

- Rick Perry's Tax Plan

- What's With the Deficit SuperCommittee?


Occupy Wall Street Videos and reminders of why Occupy is important

Occupy Wall Street Videos

DC Douglas' "Why #OccupyWallStreet? 4 Reasons."


Michael Moore: "There’s No Turning Back!"
Monday 31 October 2011
by: Felipe Messina, Media Roots | Video with Transcript

This is a 36-minute video of Michael Moore speaking at Occupy Oakland last Friday, with transcript, from Truthout.

Back in March, I published info about the documentary, "Inside Job," narrated by Matt Damon.

If you have a memory like mine, this longer video will re-focus the mind on the reasons for Occupy Wall Street. I just watched it again recently, and was amazed (and outraged again) at the events I had forgotten. Now, for those with DSL broadband, you can watch it for free at "Inside Job. The documentary. Online. For free."

The DVD is also available (may have to sign-up for it) at the Baker County Public Library, and I think it also available from NetFlix and the sources mentioned on the previous blog, or for purchase at Amazon and probably from Betty's Books.

Please take the time to watch it!

Oregon Wolf News--“OR-7” Makes it into the Cascades!

97 lb. male wolf collared 2/12/10 (ODFW Photo)

From Wally, at Northeast Ecosystems:

Conservationists Celebrate First Wolf in Western Oregon
After 500 mile journey, a young male known as OR7 returns to historic habitat in the Southern Cascades

Nov 01, 2011
Oregon conservationists and wildlife-lovers are celebrating the news today that the radio collar of “OR-7”, a two year old male wolf originally from Northeast Oregon, has been located in the Cascade Mountains east of Roseburg. This is the latest stop in a spectacular, 500 mile journey that has taken the young wolf across some of Oregon’s most rugged and remote mountains, deserts, and forests.

OR7’s odyssey has taken him across at least 9 Oregon Counties. Prior to the discovery of his tracking collar signal in the upper Umpqua River watershed this week, his most recent known location was in Lake County, over 100 miles away. Whether he will winter in the South Cascades, or continue his journey elsewhere, is unknown.

OR7’s arrival in the upper Umpqua is another major milestone in one of Oregon’s, and America’s, greatest wildlife conservation success stories. Gray wolves were hunted to extinction in Oregon under a misguided policy of extermination that was driven by irrational fear and misinformation. The last bounty paid for the killing of a wild wolf in Oregon was in 1947, for a wolf shot and killed in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide. Ironically, OR7’s latest known location is very near the Divide. . . . .

Please read the rest: Conservationists Celebrate First Wolf in Western Oregon
After 500 mile journey, a young male known as OR7 returns to historic habitat in the Southern Cascades

DIspersal Route of Wolf "OR-7" as of 10/28/11. He has since travelled west and crossed over the Cascades to the Umpqua watershed. (ODFW Image)

More from Northeast Ecosystems:

Migrating wolf enters southwest Oregon
Medford Mail Tribune
A young wolf migrating out of a northeast Oregon pack this fall has reached northeastern Douglas County, becoming the first confirmed wolf in Western Oregon in 65 years.

New wolf pack identified in northeastern Oregon along Snake River

With the shrinkage of the state's oldest and biggest pack of gray wolves to four -- and a potential kill order looming over two of the pack's remaining wolves for preying on livestock -- Oregon's fledgling wolf population looked like it was in trouble...the Department of Justice is adopting a paradoxical stand that to save wolves, they must be killed.

AP: Oregon has new wolf pack in Snake River country

ODFW Press Release: New wolf pack in Snake River Unit; Walla Walla wolf collared

Ecotrope (OPB): Wallowa County B&B pledges not to draw wolves

The Wildlife News: NE Oregon . . . get friendly with wolf watchers and lose your property rights

State argues wolf kills will help pack
Blue Mountain Eagle
The state argues that killing two wolves "will not cause irreparable harm to the gray wolf population in Oregon, and, in fact, will aid in the recovery of the species...,"... Noah Greenwald: "There's really no evidence that killing wolves increases tolerance. In fact, there are studies that show it doesn't increase tolerance, he said "The wolf population is too small to take these kinds of killings." . . . .


What Hunters And Others May Not Know About Wolves
. . . . "FWP wolf biologists routinely come upon pup rearing areas or other loafing areas where a pack is spread out and bedded down," he said. "Anyone out enjoying the outdoors could similarly surprise multiple wolves by coming upon them at rest."

"If you surprise resting wolves at close range they might quickly rise to their feet around you," McDonald said. "It can be unnerving, it might heighten your heart rate."

Hunters are most likely to have this experience as they advance stealthily during a hunt.

Some of the wolves scattered across the landscape may see the intruder, while others will not. A few might lope off quietly, others may bark at the intruder, howl to locate the other wolves, or cautiously approach to get a better look at the intruder.
McDonald said once wolves have identified what the disturbance is, they generally leave the area. Or, the vocalizing and movements could go on for awhile as wolves regroup out of sight and pull back from the situation.

"It is easy to read aggression into this, but that is rarely the case," McDonald said. "The few unfortunate incidents between wolves and humans have occurred where wolves were habituated to humans, were fed human foods, provoked or otherwise engaged in ways that caused them to lose their fear of humans. . . . .


Defenders: Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

The amazing disappearing, reappearing wolves of Oregon

Newly released map of wolf groups in Oregon

Wolf numbers in Oregon have fluctuated quite a bit this year, but according to a new map, state wildlife managers now believe at least five distinct groups of wolves comprising four different packs exist today. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) announced this week that a new pack has been identified along the border with Idaho in the northeast corner of the state. That brings the total number of known wolves in Oregon to at least 23: four in the Imnaha pack, six in the Walla Walla pack, five in the Snake River pack, four in the Wenaha pack, two wolves in northern Umatilla county, and two have dispersed from the Imnaha pack to central Oregon.

The official count, however, won’t be determined until the end of the year when ODFW does their survey for the 2011 Northern Rockies annual report. Only packs with at least two adults (one male, one female) and two or more pups are considered “breeding pairs.” The state’s initial goal as outlined in the Oregon wolf management plan is to have four breeding pairs on either side of the Cascade Mountains. If Oregon’s wolves continue to move about the way they have this year, the state may reach their goal sooner rather than later. . . . .


Rick Perry's Tax Plan

Huge tax break for millionaires under Perry's plan, study shows
By Stephanie Condon

Individuals making more than $1 million a year could see an average tax cut of more than $500,000 under Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry's complicated tax proposal, while some taxpayers at the other end of the income spectrum would see a tax hike compared to the current tax rates, according to an analysis released Monday.

Perry's plan would also reduce federal tax revenues by hundreds of billions of dollars, forcing the government to make dramatic spending cuts -- long a goal of many conservatives pushing for a smaller federal footprint. . . . .


Governor Rick Perry’s Tax Reform Plan
Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center October 31, 2011

Governor Rick Perry's Tax Reform Plan

What's With the Deficit SuperCommittee?

Supercommittee of the One Percent Won't Even Think of Taxing Wall Street

. . . . While the supercommittee has plenty of time to think of ways to make life more miserable for seniors, it won't even countenance the idea of taxing Wall Street speculation. In spite of the repeated pledges that everything is on the table, taxing Wall Street speculation is absolutely off the table.

In order for a tax bill to be considered by Congress, it must be scored by the Joint Tax Committee (JTC). While many members, including some very senior members from both houses, have requested a score from the JTC of a bill taxing financial speculation, the supercommittee has the JTC completely tied up meeting its requests. By refusing to include a financial speculation tax (FST) in its scoring request, the supercommittee is preventing this idea from even being included in the discussion.

Given the role of Wall Street in both creating the conditions for the crash and prospering at the expense of the other 99 percent, it might seem reasonable to include a tax on speculation in the mix of items to consider. This is not a radical proposal. The European Commission is currently on the edge of approving a FST. Its leading proponents are the conservative leaders of Germany and France. . . . .


OpenCongress Blog

Talking Supercommittee Transparency

Every activist knows that to influence legislation you have to get involved at the earliest stage in the legislative process you possibly can.

Congress knows this too, and itʼs why the created the supercommittee — to prevent the public from having influence in discussions on long-term budget, spending and tax issues. The supercommittee process shuts the public out until the very last step by concentrating power in just 12 lawmakers and establishing special fast-track rules that make any engagement beyond “yes” or “no” impossible. But itʼs not shutting out the corporations and special interests that have been able to engage with the committee through expensive access lobbyists. Transparency wouldnʼt fix all the problems with the supercommittee — its structure is anti-democratic and its mission is flawed — but it would at least level the playing field a bit.


[Added 11/3/11]
The President Surrenders
Published: July 31, 2011

Who's Buttering Up Deficit Super Committee Members With Donations

[Added 11/3/11]
Super committee: Who are these guys?
By Charles Riley @CNNMoney August 11, 2011:


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