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Killing Children & Innocents to Save "Civilians" in the Quest for Energy; Obama Says Bin Laden Dead, Fight Against Al Qaeda Will Continue Anyway

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- Killing Children & Innocents to Save "Civilians" in the Quest for Energy;

- Obama Says Bin Laden Dead, Fight Against Al Qaeda Will Continue Anyway


Killing Children & Innocents to Save "Civilians" in the Quest for Energy

While the citizens (especially the wealthier ones) of Baker City were either off enjoying the first real spring days of the year at the Snake River or the foothills, and others were busy improving their yards after a long winter, and in some cases trying to bring their properties in line so as to keep the Council and realtor inspired Property Maintenance Ordinance gestapo from harassing them, America's European "defense' organization," NATO, was busy killing Muammar Gaddafi's family, including an attempt on Muammar Gaddafi himself. In the process, they killed 3 of Gaddafi's grand children and a son, while missing Muammar Gaddafi. From NATO's perspective, apparently even innocent children are fair game as the West violates the intent of the UN "resolution", a resolution that was intended to protect Libyan civilians, so as to prosecute their nefarious war.

The Western press, especially from those countries prosecuting the war for empire and Libyan oil, are awash with articles saying it is probably a fabrication (in the face of the bombed out home and dead bodies), while diverting attention to the trashing of their own embassies in reaction to the dastardly deed, but how would we know? The leaders of many countries believe the killings of innocent children is true, and given the previous aggressions of both the US and NATO, I do too. Haven't they done the same thing too many times before, in Serbia, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Do we remember that our government lied us into supporting the war on Iraq and so many before? It is another trumped up war after all, and the record is clear that neither the US nor NATO will let innocents get in the way of their aims for dominance over resource rich nations. To all of you supporters of America's and NATO's wars for energy and empire, why don't you just drop the bullshit, and say out loud, that you don't give a good god damn how many innocent children, women, and men get killed in your quest for dominance and cheap energy?

Two articles by Chris Floyd, full of the appropriate sarcasm, follow:

The Joker is Wild: Imperial Party Masks Murder Abroad

SUNDAY, 01 MAY 2011 23:58

It was one of those horrific juxtapositions that an imperial state breeds in abundance: the emperor joking at a luxurious banquet with fawning courtiers, while his agents are killing innocent children on a distant frontier.

Such was the scene this weekend, as President Barack Obama enjoyed his star turn at the White House Correspondents Dinner, that sick-making orgy of cuddly collusion between the media and political elites. In recent years, the sycophantic shindig has turned into a veritable Oscars Night for the political set. (And increasingly the Hollywood set as well; one of the major stories of the big night was that Dinner guests Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson were seen holding hands as they left one of the many glittering "after-parties" attached with the event! I mean, OMG! No wonder it got screaming headlines at HuffPo -- that bastion of hard-hitting progressive journalism.)

Obama delivered the usual professionally scripted zingers to appreciative howls of laughter from the savvy Beltway crowd. (The same kind of laughter that the same crowd gave in the same craven way to Dubya Bush when he was the bossman.) These paeans of praise later rippled out across the progressive blogosphere, where stalwarts like Digby rushed to post up video clips of Obama's "very funny speech" at the Dinner. The progressosphere was absolutely aglow with giddy, giggly pride at the sight of Obama shooting fat dead fish in a barrel -- i.e., making fun of Donald Trump.

This was real leadership! This was the president striking back, taking it to his enemies at last, and, hey, having some fun with it too. Oh, what a tonic! What a hoot! What yocks! 2012? Bring it on!

But even as the media mavens and the glitterati and the fightin' progressive keyboarders were lapping up the imperial schtick, Libyans were digging the eviscerated bodies of three young children out of the ruins of the private home where they were killed by NATO missiles Saturday night. They were the grandchildren of Moamar Gadafy, who was the target of the attack, which also killed his youngest son. The dead children were all under the age of 12.

The missiles tore into a residential area of Tripoli, where the Gadafys were having a family gathering. NATO -- along with the nasty little upper class twit now in charge of the British government, David Cameron -- insisted that the Humanitarian Interventionists were not, repeat NOT, trying to kill Moamar Gadafy by sending three missiles into a house where they believed he was staying. No, no, no. That would be wrong; that would be totally outside the UN mandate governing the intervention. That would be attempted assassination and regime change. The good and godly lords of the West would never do anything like that.

So even though Cameron and Obama and that little French guy all wrote a column together declaring that Moamar Gadafy cannot be allowed to stay in power, they are not trying to change the regime. And even though they are sending missiles into his houses, they are not trying to kill him. And anyway, even if they were trying to kill him -- which they're not -- they would be within their rights to do so under the UN mandate which permits attacks on the regime's "command and control" sites. Or as Cameron -- a former PR flack - put it, he and Obama and the little guy can send missiles into private homes and kill small children because they are trying to prevent "a loss of civilian life by targeting Gadafy's war-making machine." And since Gadafy is at the heart of that machine, they are permitted to try to kill him. But they aren't targeting him. Is it all clear now?

It must be clear, for the murder of these children by NATO missiles has occasioned almost no protest -- indeed, hardly any mention -- across the political spectrum in the United States. The progressives are too busy yukking it up at their man's comic cool. The rightwing militarists are too busy applauding this attempt to "cut off the head of the snake." The "centrists" are too busy sleeping off their Correspondence Dinner hangovers.

And so the killing on the frontiers -- the ever-expanding line of imperial dominance -- will go on. But while the yuks and yocks of the courtiers' banquet keep ringing through the Beltway, you can be sure that the people being blown to bits on those imperial lines -- in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. -- will not die laughing.

NOTE: After yesterday's post on the deadly incident, a reader kindly called to mind a previous piece -- originally written eight years ago -- that might have some relevance to these latest imperial juxtapositions:

See Rome

While you were dreaming
While you wrapped your mind in silks
Bronze Steel Stone
Did their work

While you breathed the fumes
Of the oracle's fissure
Deranged the senses
Settled in soft beds

Sent agents into the streets
Hard men pinched men
Bronze Steel Stone

To eliminate execute
Discredit and destroy

See Rome

While you stood in the forum
Declaimed high words
Filled temples with fragrant smoke
Scrawled millions of learned disquisitions

Rome marched
Somewhere, in your name
Fired the village
In your name
Put steel to the belly

While you were wrapped in silks
While you grubbed
While you drank degraded waters
Drank dark, brilliant wine
While you sang, while you dreamed

Rome was
Rome hammered the real

Your silks
Your songs
Are dreams

See Rome


Annals of a Golden Age: Peace Laureate Surpasses Reagan in Killing Gadafy Kin OR

SUNDAY, 01 MAY 2011 00:23

O how wonderful it is to live in such an enlightened age! Just think: not long ago, the U.S. government was seen as little more than a vast war machine -- brutal, murderous, inhumane, bent on global domination. Yet now, by some marvelous, miraculous twist of fate, that same government is being led by a Nobel Peace Prize laureate! It's as if Lyndon Johnson had been turfed out of office back in the day and replaced by Martin Luther King Jr.!

So what the modern-day MLK up to today? In what way was the Laureate in the White House advancing the vision and practice of peace? Why, he was murdering children in a "targeted assassination," of course! He was escalating an increasingly savage "regime change" operation in blatant contradiction to the UN mandate supposedly governing the latest of his escalations and surges around the world.

Yes, on Saturday -- just days after the Peace Laureate's administration announced it was sending unmanned drone bombers into the Libyan civil war, the residence of Libyan leader Moamar Gadafy was torn apart by a precision missile attack. The attack on a residential area of Tripoli missed Gadafy, but killed his youngest son, Saif al-Arab, and three of the leader's grandchildren.

With this great act of peace, Obama surpassed one of his favorite presidents, Ronald Reagan, who only managed to kill a single infant adopted daughter of Gadafy back when he was bombing Libya. The Laureate now has four Gadafy family members -- and blood members, too! -- notched on his gun belt.

This is surely an achievement in which all progressive lovers of peace can take enormous pride.


Obama Says Bin Laden Dead, Fight Against Al Qaeda Will Continue Anyway

OK, after almost 10 years, and over a million deaths, we finally got him, says the tough guy puppet President, invoking fears of 911, but we're just going to have to continue killing around the globe anyway (because that's what we know how to do best?). Obama: "His death does not mark the end of our effort. . ."

Obama announces Osama bin Laden killed by U.S.
By Michael A. Memoli and Michael Muskal
May 1, 2011, 8:35 p.m.

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