Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding Your Way in the New Temporary Courthouse & City Manager Updates

Temporary Courthouse at North Baker Elementary (7th & B Streets)

This post is a bit repetitive, and is intended for folks who like to have some idea of where they are going before they go there, with the focus on folks who may need to find Circuit Court Courtroom and offices, or the District Attorney.

Assuming you can find North Baker Elementary at 2725 7th Street in Baker City, the public entrance is the main entrance to the school on the east side of the building (7th Street).

Use This Entrance

When you first enter the building, there is currently a sign in front of you with a diagram showing the location of the County offices in the building and arrows pointing to a hall on your left (south).

Sign in hall at front entrance showing the location of the County offices

Here is a closer look at the diagram showing office locations:
Labeled County Office Diagram

If you follow the arrows pointing to your left on the sign in the front hallway, you can go through this door and down the south hallway to Circuit Court and the DA's office (Note, security screening device by doorway may be operational--read pink signs in doorway):
Doorway and south hallway to DA's Office & Circuit Court

The Circuit Court Courtroom is the first door, halfway down the Hallway, on your right:
Temporary Circuit Court Courtroom

The Circuit Court "offices" are inside the second door, past the courtroom, on your right:
June Falcon, left, and Tracy Williams, right, working in newly opened Circuit Court offices.

Just across the hall from the Circuit Court offices is the DA's Office, which is in the old Music Room (third door down the hall on your left):
District Attorney's Office

If you are looking for the Commissioners, Assessor's Office, Planning, Taxes, Water Resources, Geology, or Emergency Management, then, when you first enter the building from 7th Street, just follow the signs down the first hallway on your right (North). The offices are clearly marked.
North hallway to Commissioners, Assessor's Office, Planning, Taxes, Water Resources, Geology, or Emergency Management offices.

Hope this short and incomplete tour helps people understand where their favorite office is located in the new temporary quarters. The County did an awesome job of transforming the elementary school and getting staff and equipment moved so quickly. I picked up a document I wanted at the Circuit Court yesterday so things appear to be up and running and the public is being well served.

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New City Manager Mike Kee's Welcome and Needed Updates

New City Manager Mike Kee has instituted, on his own initiative, the very welcome practice of sending out weekly updates on what the City is doing to keep things functioning and in good order.

I get them as PDF files so it is difficult to reproduce them on the blog, but it would be a pain in the ass to do so in any event, so I have posted the last two at If you would like to receive them via e-mail, please contact City Manager, Mike Kee at

Find them here (Latest first):

Baker City Weekly Report, December 10, 2010

Baker City Weekly Report, December 3, 2010

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