Tuesday, December 29, 2009

City Council Meeting for Vote to Hire Tim Johnson as City Manager (12/18/09) Part Four (Last)

Here are the last two segments of the December 18, 2009 Council Meeting on offering the city manager position to Tim Johnson. Once again, the right hand portion of the video is clipped in Google Blogger so best to view on YouTube. With a Mac you can do it by clicking on the large start button in the middle of the picture as you also hold down the "control" key. From the menu that appears, choose the first "Watch on YouTube" option.

Council 121809- Part 13: Councilor Button Comments on Hiring Process and Mr. Johnson's Experience.

In this segment, Councilor Button comments on the hiring process and Mr. Johnson's experience to run the city. Citing his "public service experience," Councilor Button states that he feels Mr. Johnson's "skills," recommendations," and "training," "prepare him for that responsibility."


Council 121809 - Part 14: Council Votes to Offer Job to Johnson, Collins Comments

In this segment, Council votes 4 to 2 to offer city manager job to Tim Johnson. Tim Collins comments on negotiations with Mr. Johnson and the confidentiality of the background check. Mayor Dorrah adjourns the meeting.


The DVD of this Council Meeting will be offered to the County Library in the next few days if they care to have it.