Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Israel and the US is getting you ready for attack on Iran.

How do I know you say? Well, you know I can’t know with any certainty.

At my age, I confess a feeble memory, but. . . . I remember the buildup to the war in Iraq, and I saved important stories leading to the buildup and attack. Using press reports by influential Israeli sympathizers in the “American” press, I predicted the war a year before it occurred. Without even reviewing those tapes, I remember the important role played by Public Broadcasting’s “Frontline” in promoting the tragic, ill-advised, and illegal war--Their matter of fact, yet emotion laden, official sounding monotone reports, demonizing Saddam and the Iraqi regime. Regime, Regime, Regime—the word was used over and over with charges of torture and murder, and imprisonment, or bad treatment of demonstrators. No matter that Nixon killed peaceful demonstrators at Kent State during the VietNam War, or that we isolate, spy on and imprison demonstrators on a regular basis, or that we have killed innocent civilians in other countries willy-nilly for decades.... Tonight I hear the same words of evil intent repeated over and over on “Frontline,” the official propaganda channel to American so-called informed “liberals,” the peaceful warmongers.

You may have heard many previous reports of looming war--the supply of missiles by the US to Israel, the joint military exercises, and etc.--but whether you watched tonight’s “Frontline” or not, I am tempted to bet my minor reputation as a predictor of war, that you will witness an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, or worse, before Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, leaves office. I believe it will be by either Israel or our own pathetically immoral country, or both. It will occur with the stated objective of stopping Iran from possessing the very nuclear weapons possessed by the US and the Western powers, but in reality, the objective will be to protect the colonial state of Israel and to increase our control over the area that possesses 60% of the world's oil reserves. We, with our energy wasting ways, have only 2% of the world"s oil reserves.

I prefer not to place bets, but everything points in the direction of war. I think you can count on it, and that you need to keep your sons and daughters safe from any more imperial wars by a declining and desperate country whose foreign policy in the Middle East is directed by the Israel lobby.

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