Friday, June 12, 2009

Council Declines to Reconsider Firing of City Manager

In a special meeting of the City Council this morning, four Councilors stuck firmly to Tuesday's decision to fire former City Manager Steve Brocato. The large crowd, primarily consisting of Brocato supporters, was far better behaved than that observed Tuesday, with only one large outburst during the meeting. The following YouTube video is of the vote at the beginning of the meeting, along with a reminder to Councilors about the decorum required. The latter has been repeatedly violated in recent weeks, with Councilor Bryan going to far as to call the Council incompetent at Tuesday's meeting.

City Manager Collins explains Explains Charter to Council
At the emergency meeting held this morning to discuss the City Manager position, there were questions raised about whether 3 members of the Council, Mr. Pope, Mr, Bass, and Mr. Bryan, could force Councilors Dorrah, Calder, Bonebrake and Button to take up reconsideration of the firing of Mr. Brocato simply because the three had put that item on the agenda. Mr. Collins explained that a majority of the Council could decide not to reconsider the firing yet again.

[In this video, Mr Collins disappears from the screen about half way through. That wasn't in the original video on YouTube which can be seen at .]

More may be posted about this meeting as time allows.

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