Friday, March 2, 2007

Bring on the Diplomats - Straight Talk on Iran/Iraq - George Carlin On Religion

No time for writing much today so I’ll just mention one of my pet peeves. It goes like this:

If “progressives” are unsuccessful at creating a consensus around an issue or issues, or at simply getting the horses to water, let alone persuading them to drink, it is somehow their fault. We are told that the poor saps who put their necks on the line in an attempt at bringing new information to people just don’t get it right! If they only understood the target audience then they would be responsive. If they would just improve their tone everyone would jump on the bandwagon. If they would only frame the issue correctly we wouldn’t have to put up with people like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush any more. If only they wouldn’t be so direct—if only they would just soften or massage the truth. If only, if only. If only. . . .

Is it really that simple? Is it really that easy to persuade the mass of people to correct course simply by putting up a few inconvenient truths against piles of special interest campaign money, a torrent of media lies and lifetimes of government and corporate brainwashing? Can an atheist change the belief of an evangelical by simply producing the available facts?

This complaint is all the more troubling because it usually comes from other “progressives,” who although they are thought to be wise beyond their years, have had little or no recent success themselves in stopping the destruction of the General Welfare, the corporate attacks on democracy, and the downward slide towards ecological collapse.

So I plead with those of you who make these criticisms: Realize your duty! Don’t hold back any longer! Come away from your cash registers, your foundation grant writing and your personal projects. The beautification programs can wait--we need you now! Bring on the Diplomats and show us the way!


Straight Talk -

“. . . we’re going to wake up one morning soon, very soon, and we will be at war with Iran” - Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski (ret.)

Pentagon Whistle-Blower on the Coming War With Iran

Read the Truthdig Interview:

Listen to the MP3 Audio:
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George Carlin on Religion:

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