Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Welcome to Baker County Blog--A Work In Progress

This blog is being established to report on the more cryptic and darker side of the goings on here in Baker County, Oregon--the stuff the papers either refuse to report on, or the events that are warped by personal and often self-serving distortion when they do. Included here will also be periodic reports on citizen participation at Baker County Commissioner’s meetings and Baker City Council meetings—participation that our elected officials like to ignore completely, or testimony which is not reported on accurately in the meeting minutes. Some of the things posted here will be written by other ordinary Baker County citizens and will reflect their own realities and experiences here in Baker County. Perhaps over time we will see what this culture looks like and hopefully a clearer picture of the power structure and the powerful in Baker County will emerge, along with the methods that are used to maintain that power. I hope to present an honest and truthful account of the other side of the story here in Baker County, because the “official” accounts in the papers or meeting minutes, or from the Chamber of Commerce, often do not tell that side of the story, but rather just serve the powerful interests that run this pretty little plantation out here in north east Oregon.

There are a few stories waiting in the wings, such as the mismanagement of one of our County supervised health agencies, and attempts by the papers and elected “leaders” to bury citizen input on issues like Oregon Measure 37 and growth (System Development Charges and the like), but as I am out of time on this very first day of the blog, they will have to wait.

There are many aspects of blogging and page layout that remain a mystery to me so I plead for a little patience if you have found this page and noticed that it is without the usual bells and whistles. We are works in progress. Thanks for dropping by.


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